Support Pyraliss

The best, and cheapest, way to suport my comic is by spreading the word and linking to my webcomic!
You can find some banners in the links page or you can just put up the URL. Don't have a website? Word of mouth works nicely too. :)

Otherwise, I'm a broke college kid with a part-time job and limited amounts of time. If you want to throw a penny my way it's one penny more I can spend on the supplies that I need to make Pyraliss possible. Thanks for wandering in this direction regardless.


and get a nice little extra for your help!

Contribution Amount Item
$1-$5 Exclusive Pyraliss Wallpaper
$6-$10 Commision Pyraliss Artwork
Whenever I've received a total of $50 from merchandise and paypal I'll put up an extra page of Pyraliss the following Monday.

**Please include commission details and your e-mail address in the "note" section when donating through paypal in order to receive your exclusive items!**