Poll (July 2009)

I'll be changing the poll once a month hoping to find out a little more about my readers. :)

E-mail me (artist@pyraliss.com) if you have any poll suggestions!


Former Poll Results:

Month Question Results


How do you find the page design?

It's smooth and comfortable for browsing: 53%
It's okay, there are a few things that bug me: 17%
It's alright, a little quirky though: 0%
It's not great, the navigation is awkward: 0%
I really don't like it!!! I can barely navigate it: 0%


Do you make preference to line art, sketchy, or colored/polished webcomics?

Color all the way! I like my comics to be full of color: 0%
I like my comics to be sketchy, but well drawn: 0%
Line art is good, as long as it gets the point across: 0%
I don't really have a preference. It really depends on the comic: 100%