Chapter 02: Page 07 - Silent Fire

Comic #28

Is it really a page?!? A Pyraliss page?! Yes folks. I'm back. I'm not going to bother making a billion excuses. I fell behind with the pages and I'm sorry. I'm back at school now and super busy but Pyraliss lives again and I won't let it fall behind this time! Unfortunately I have to tell you that I will only be updating once a week on Mondays. No more Thursday updates... BUT I am going to try my best to put up sketches every Thursday. Not as good as a page, I know. But hey, it's something! Anyway thanks to all of you that have been patient enough to stick around! On a random other note I now added an affiliates section on the right hand bar of my table. Please check them out! Anyone that supports Pyraliss is fantastic in my book! **Update: I uploaded a huge picture by error! It's been fixed.

Uploaded by Pyraliss on 10/12/2009